What We Offer

Brokerage Services

Fortis Corporation offers our superior brokerage services to our more sophisticated clients with a view to helping them take advantage of the potential for gain inherent in the characteristics of today’s volatile markets. We offer brokerage services to local as well as foreign, private investors.

Our strength in the following areas powers the Fortis Corporation competitive advantage:

  • Access to painstaking research and analysis

  • Rapid execution of trades

  • Cutting edge technology and platforms

  • Competitive pricing of securities trades

  • Adequate follow-up on verification of share certificates

  • Quality service delivery

  • Relationship management

Fortis Corporation provides our private clients with an array of services and facilities to enhance, protect and manage their investments.

  • Securities Trading - Our securities trading platform provides clients with access to numerous asset classes and a broad range of securities. These are complimented by excellent execution and post-trade services at competitive rates

  • Macro-economic and Equity Research - We charge our dedicated team of research analysts to manage a range of functions from macro-economic research to asset allocation as well as sector and equity research. Established and emerging markets are comprehensively covered by leveraging the benefits of local knowledge with a global perspective in order to generate pertinent and targeted research. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve superior returns on a relative and absolute basis whilst managing risk as effectively as possible

  • Certificate Dematerialization & Administration - At Fortis Corporation, we partner with our clients to guarantee that all certificates in physical form are dematerialized and made available for trading

  • Financial Advisory Services - Our personal financial advisory services are squarely aimed at guiding our clients' investment choices. We never lose sight of the fact that each client is unique and, therefore, our financial advice is personalized to reflect each client's needs

  • Dividend Revalidation – In the event of a client being unable to cash their dividend warrants within the relevant validity period, Fortis Corporation is able to revalidate them.

  • Market making distribution - Fortis Corporation serves as a distribution channel for initial public offerings by companies seeking to raise funds from investors