Without doubt, the global financial crisis that commenced in 2007 leveled a playing field that had been significantly biased towards the markets’ big players for years. Not only did it claim the scalps of some of the most venerated names on Wall Street but it also presented the smaller investor with a rare opportunity to invest in some of the world’s best corporations at prices that seemed too good to be true.

Here at Fortis Corporation we believe that crisis and opportunity reside in the same house and our clients have come to appreciate our real world approach to evaluating markets. Our ability to extract emotion from the decision-making process does not mean that we don’t appreciate the effect that it has on the behavior of the market’s participants who are, after all, human beings. It does, however, mean that our activities ignore the impulses that have seen countless others suffer catastrophic losses. We understand how markets work and remain acutely aware of the fact that even when the market appears “wrong”, it is always “right”.

There is an old adage which states that “the market” is driven by fear and greed. Anyone that has placed more than a couple of trades will almost certainly have experienced these two distinct and powerful emotions.

All investors experience emotion. The difference between successful and unsuccessful investors can be traced to how they deal with those emotions. Here at Fortis Corporation, our analysts and our traders operate within a target driven environment that owes more to the cool, clinical approach than it does to the seat-of-the-pants, roller-coaster, all-or-nothing administrations of the maverick.

Our teams use both fundamental and technical analysis to arrive at the recommendations that underpin our clients’ exceptional returns. Despite what our competitors might have you believe, there is nothing miraculous about what we do – it all comes down to simple hard work and attention to detail.