Investment Management

Investment Management

The principal objective of Fortis Corporation’s investment management practice is geared towards the management of clients' capital with a view to realizing their investment return objectives whilst keeping a firm eye on risk management. We achieve this by identifying first-class wealth creation opportunities for those entrusting us with their treasured capital. Our experienced and proficient investment management team understands that each client's needs will be different and they are encouraged to apply the most innovative solution to achieving their requirements. Nevertheless, we are not given to the sacrifice of traditional methods on the altar of technological progress especially when said methods have served us so well for so long.

We remain first and foremost a people company that helps real people with bespoke services, tailored to each client, every time - the Fortis Corporation way...

The development of long-term professional relationships with our clients is the one of the chief aims of our practice. The potency of our second-to-none service delivery stems from a balanced combination of the following key attributes:

  • A clinical research-based investment approach

  • Market-beating investment performance

  • Access to a variety of financial and ancillary services

  • Flexible portfolio management services

Fortis Corporation's investment management philosophy is founded on securities value research and technical analysis; it utilizes a top-down, bottom up approach and has helped us build a sound practice.

The consistent identification of the most innovative and exciting investment opportunities that generate exceptional returns is the focus of the investment management team here at Fortis Corporation. That we are able to accomplish this whilst maintaining strict levels of risk management has proven to be invaluable to our clients and the primary reason for our healthy referral figures. All told, our clients see us as their trusted advisor to whom they turn for assistance in the building and management of their wealth. We are able to offer:

  • Investment management

  • Financial planning

  • Wealth structuring and distribution

Our service is personalized to suit each client and accommodates traditional investments such as equities, fixed income securities and cash as well as commodities or hard assets and alternative investments including hedging instruments such as options and other derivatives.

We appreciate that our clients' needs change over time and, therefore, ensure that we build flexibility into both the portfolio and the means by which we manage it. It is thanks to this approach that we are able to make periodic adjustments to the strategic asset allocation as and when required and often without incurring costs. These can be prompted as a response to macro-economic changes, market trends or changes in our clients’ circumstances.

The benefits derived from a direct relationship to a Fortis Corporation advisor are immense. Such a relationship serves to ensure that clients receive a high standard of service and attention.

Fortis Corporation’s investment management process is comprehensive but fairly simple. It owes much to the type of real-world common-sense that can be found ingrained in the structure of the world’s most successful investors.

  1. We examine your goals, your time-horizon and your tolerance for risk. We cannot form an accurate picture of what it is you are aiming for without this essential information.

  2. Fortis Corporation identifies an asset allocation and diversification policy that is unique to your personal circumstances and based entirely on the objectives discovered in step 1. The ultimate goal is to ensure your returns will be maximized whilst keeping within the boundaries set by your risk tolerance.

  3. The careful monitoring of both the ongoing returns and any changing risk profile of each constituent in your portfolio makes sure that each one respects the guidelines within your overall investment profile. If necessary, Fortis Corporation may recommend a rebalancing or a repositioning of your investment components but, of course, this will only be actioned after obtaining your consent.

  4. Fortis Corporation keeps you informed as to how your portfolio is performing by furnishing you with periodic reports that detail asset values, realized and unrealized profits, dividends and, where applicable, losses.