About Us

Fortis Corporation has, over the last 5 years, evolved into one of the most revered financial services providers in Asia. We are the epitome of a diversified, integrated, non-bank financial services practice with superior investment management expertise. Our practice is made up of non-pension asset management, discretionary brokerage and financial advisory services.

We continue to distinguish ourselves through adept administrations based upon our superior research quality, asset management track record and the provision of value-adding financial advisory services. Our roster of clients continues to grow thanks to the increasing number of referrals from clients whose annual investment returns remain substantially above average despite the increased volatility that characterizes today’s global financial markets.


Fortis Corporation seeks out optimal wealth creation opportunities for investors who elect to entrust us with their assets. We aim to be the preferred investment and financial partner in Asia and are committed to providing access to markets and products that enhance our clients’ prospects for preserving and increasing their wealth.


Ambition: Fortis Corporation is motivated by a compelling vision of the future. It serves to inspire us and maintain our focus on what really matters; partnering together to realize goals.

Proximity: Our consistent success owes much to our proximity to our clients and our complete empathy with their needs and aspirations. Fortis Corporation is dedicated to the challenges of fulfilling both.

Truth: Honesty, trust and integrity form the foundation upon which we have constructed our practice. It means that clients can always count on complete transparency in every aspect of their interactions with us and rest assured that promises we make will be kept.


Fortis Corporation’s Investment Philosophy

Naturally, our investment philosophy focuses on generating consistently high returns to our clients but the means by which we achieve this differs from the methods employed by many of our rivals. We are proponents of value investing and strict risk management.

Value investing generally means purchasing stocks that appear underpriced by some form(s) of fundamental analysis. These stocks may be in public companies that trade at significant discounts to book value or tangible book value, pay high dividend yields, possess low price-to-earnings multiples or have low price-to-book ratios.

Quoting investment management vernacular, Fortis Corporation is a prime example of a 'value-oriented, defensive investment manager' that aims to preserve a balance between risk and return. This means that we tend to invest in stocks that we determine to be priced below their intrinsic value or, better still, trade at a discount to what we believe to be their true business value. It is our belief that, over time, the price of a stock will increase to reflect the value of the company and that this methodology to investing provides a solid foundation for significant investment returns while simultaneously reducing risk.

Our Approach

In keeping with our tireless efforts to ensure delivery of a personalized and tailored service to our clientele, we usually begin by analyzing each client's needs, expectations and individual financial circumstances. It is only by conducting this diligently that we can be sure of making the most appropriate recommendations and suggestions.

As a Fortis Corporation client, your profile enables us to formulate an appropriate investment strategy that will allow diversification of your assets across various asset classes, sectors and market, in a manner that is consistent with the ultimate attainment of your objectives, your risk tolerance, lifestyle and investment time horizons.

The Fortis Corporation investment strategy is based on research and analysis developed over time but this does not mean that it is inflexible. We build in a series of short term strategic asset allocation that enable us to ensure that the approach to managing your portfolio is in keeping with your changing circumstances and will reflect our views on the various asset classes as well as the larger operating environment.